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glass artist Kouhey


 Burner work teaches you how to live in the present by providing a process of eliminating internal conflicts and unnecessary noise that distract you from simple truths.
 By grasping traditional techniques and thinking about instilling consciousness in the materials, we aim to heighten the sensory value from the hands to the brain, and provide works that are necessary for the heart.
 Also, we continue to search for truth in essentially simple design.



Kuwasawa Design Institute (Space Design Department) completed.

My encounter with glass artist Matthew Fellow in Australia in 2002 was a very important event that changed my way of life.  

After working as an interior designer for three years, he moved to the United States in 2004.

I spent about three months studying glass art and its way of life under Bob Snodgrass, and began a journey to connect with the world through the medium of glass, and explore my inner self in the process.
Since 2006, I have been working as a store manager at a glass craft specialty store, and have assisted numerous foreign instructors in their workshops, as well as providing instruction myself.

Being able to work with numerous artists who are active in America, the home of glass art, and experiencing their advanced techniques, cutting-edge knowledge, and attitude towards glass has given me great courage and motivation in my subsequent creative activities. It must have happened.
Became independent in 2008 and started a glass studio called "Hoshi no Kakera (Star Fragment) ". We set out to capture and express ideas for high-quality self-expression in harmony with nature, and held joint exhibitions and live demonstrations in various locations.

Moved to Australia in 2012

Origin regression. While working as a chef, he was surrounded by nature and developed a desire to pursue creative activities.

After returning to Japan in 2019, moved to Minamiizu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture.

In 2020, the glass workshop “Star Fragment” resumed its activities.

Father of three children.

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