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Using heat-resistant glass, I aim to create works that add to the mystery of the universe.

The spiral design of gold, silver, titanium and opal creates a beauty that echoes

the golden ratio.

A perfect combination of cosmic harmony and romantic atmosphere.

All of our works are made with ingredients from Earth, the third planet in our solar system.

These are born out of my sensibilities and reverence for the universe.

We hope that you will be excited about the golden ratio and the mysteries of the universe.



​​Joint exhibition held!

image_6483441 (1)_edited.jpg

As a tie-up project between Izu's masters and new artists,

A joint exhibition is being held at Namako Wall Zachu, a historic building designated as Shimoda City's first town heritage site.

The event will be held from November 3rd to 5th.

​Please drop by.


Minamiizu consignment store

September 25, 2023

At "AiAi South Point Cafe & Gift", which opened on a hill at Hirizo Beach in Minamiizu Town, which is said to be the most beautiful beach in Japan, we are displaying and selling a large number of star fragment works.

This is a permanent exhibition,

​It is located 30 minutes from the workshop, and we plan to change the works frequently, so please stop by.

seasoninthesun (1).png

​Numazu coat summer POPUP exhibition

​2023 July 1st to August 31st

West end of the first floor of Numazu LaLaport

We will be participating in a summer-themed exhibition at Numazu Court. We will be selling theme works that will create a fun summer, including wind chimes. Please come and visit us. ​


Yatsugatake Craft marcket has decided to participate!

October 7-9, 2022

We had a great time surrounded by the great nature of Yatsugatake. Thank you to everyone who stopped by.

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